Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Blog Crush: A Cup of Jo.

Picture c/o Cup Of Joe

Cup of Joe is one of my favourite current reads. Joanna Goddard is a successful writer and female entrepreneur with a down to earth, casual voice that makes me feel like I'm chatting with one of my oldest friends over coffee.

I really love the diversity of information on Joanna's blog. She's got loads of awesome hair tutorials, beautiful photographs of New York that make me swoon, delicious recipes (I've tried some!), lovely advice about motherhood and creative inspiration coming out the wazoo.

Her recent Blogging as a Career article was a remarkable read, documenting the evolution of her career and the challenges she faced along the way. I also enjoy her "have a nice weekend" posts which list a medley of wonderful links that always get my creative juices flowing for the week to come.

You should probably go check her out. And if you have any suggestions on some blogs I should check out, I'd love to hear them!

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