Friday, 10 August 2012

A Little Weekend Inspiration

Happy Weekend everyone!

Here's a little inspiration to fill your day...

This cute DIY spool hook project to hang jewelry:

This blog post on "schlepping" (aka carrying around way too much crap, or to put it more nicely, the ultimate urban workout) which discusses the physical benefits it actually offers. As a city dweller who commutes by public transit, I'm all too familiar with lugging around what feels like half my weight in groceries in the pouring rain. Makes you feel a bit better better about my unintentional workouts, right?

Peggy from Mad Men. She is seriously my hero, and not just because she's a wicked copywriter, but because she acts as inspiration to all the ladies out there struggling to find their place in arenas still dominated by men. Her success is earned by hard work, taking risks, creativity and perseverance.

What happens when a 6-year-old girl judges a book by its cover? This. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

This blazer from ModCloth (so cute for the office!):

This recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I tried it this weekend and it was to die for.

I'm off to the cottage for the weekend for some fun in the waves, beach fires, smores and good company! Hope you've got something just as awesome in store.

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